What to Expect

Dress: Our dress at Christ Covenant Church would probably best be characterized as business casual.

Nursery: We do provide a nursery for those attending Christ Covenant Church. Our nursery is divided into two sections: infants and toddlers. Each Sunday we have two nursery workers assigned to each section along with a floater, who “floats” between the infant and toddler sections according to need.

Music: Our music at Christ Covenant is a combination of traditional and contemporary worship music. In addition to traditional hymns, we also sing many contemporary Christian hymns and songs such as those by Townend & Getty, Hillsong, and Matt Maher. Many of the songs that we sing combine traditional lyrics with newer music such as those from Indelible Grace and Red Mountain Music.

Communion: We observe the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month at Christ Covenant Church. This is a time of celebration for those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. With this in mind, we encourage those who are a member in good standing of a gospel-believing church to gather with us around the Lord’s table. Those who do not believe in the gospel or who are living lives of open rebellion and unbelief are encouraged to abstain. The elements are separately distributed by our elders and are typically received in unison by participants while they are seated.