• Bob Barber
  • Chas Emerson
  • Shaun Sipe, clerk
  • Clint Wilcke, pastor

  • Chris Lyons, chairman
  • Scott Sartor
  • Dick Brankstone
  • Andrew Duff
  • Rab Edwards
  • Nick Manley
  • David Wright


Future Elders and Deacons

We are praying and seeking out godly men who will lead this work of God into the future.  This is the single most important task of a local church body and its future spiritual health.  Servant leaders of God must be called by Him and demonstrate exemplary qualities in following Christ.  They must exhibit a humble and consistent reliance upon God’s grace as they lead their families.  Please prayerfully consider those whom you feel have the ability to lead your family and this church for the glory of Christ in Hernando.

Here are three hings we must consider as a church in this process:

     •Read and consider Acts 6:1-6, 20:28-29, I Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-16, I Peter 5:1-4.
Consider the person you are nominating. The foundation of one’s qualification for office depends upon the Acts 6:3 stipulation of being, “…known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom.” Is his life a testimony of the inward work of God’s Spirit or a mere product of human effort? The primary way of detecting this is to consider the fruit of the Spirit as listed in Galatians5:22-23.  Does he exhibit such fruit in his life?
Plead with God for discernment, wisdom, and direction in your nomination.

“One should never initiate anything that he cannot saturate with prayer.”  -anon.

In considering the specific calling of elders, we must remember that they are to be shepherds and judges. For more information regarding the responsibilities of elders to be judges click here.  Attached below is the officer nomination form that you can print out and turn in at church or the office.